300km: The Three Hundreds

It was all going so well…

I really enjoy riding through London early on Sunday mornings. I always feel very disconnected with the 6am world as everyone else is making their way home from nights out, and I’m heading out on a long ride. A 5am start, however, is different story, the roads are packed with mini cabs, and this particular one wasn’t helped by the early morning drizzle. Ed and I had planned our route to take in as much of the South East as we could, along with plenty of climbing. I was getting the ride validated by Audax UK to work toward my SR series* and Ed has LEL* in a few months so good training for him. Anna was also joining us off the back of what sounded like a very wet 400.


Ed had planned the route. I’d ridden a similar route to Brighton (400kms over two days) earlier in the week. It’s hilly round those parts. We went a new way up Toys Hill and whereas I settled into a rhythm, Ed was hanging off the back. Not suprising – at 60km, we had a petrol station stop – Ed was in dire need of a sandwich and tells us he only had fruit for breakfast! He was like a new man after that, flying up the hills and we all thank the weather man for sorting us out with some nice sunshine. Quick stop to take some photos of a castle and we’re on to Battle. I should have remembered the last time I went to Battle that it’s not a good idea putting a control there and it wasn’t. It’s horrible to cycle through. It only has busy A roads leading to town and the most aggressive, purple-faced van driver I’ve ever seen left us all shaken and wondering if this was such a good idea. Vegan lemon drizzle cake (should have had beans on toast) and we pressed on West, turning the first of the two corners on the route.

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400km: Bikepacking to Brighton over two days

200km there, 200km back. Ridden very leisurely and with lots of hills, it was nice to jump back on the bike on day two after a hard day’s riding. The highlight was breakfast in a petrol station car park before climbing Devils Dyke. No real dramas, lots of hills, some photos below.

MAP(Maps swapped round for symmetry)

Day One: Kent and the High Weald






Day Two: East Sussex and Surrey









Day One: https://www.strava.com/activities/977189262

Day Two: https://www.strava.com/activities/978679387